Women's jackets: Which one ?

Winter’s here now and there’s no question of going outside without your sidekick for the cold season, your jacket. How can you choose one that makes you look good, suits your wardrobe and you’ll want to wear for the next few months?

Fit for purpose

To find your chosen one this winter, first decide on the type of cut you prefer. First of all, decide on which aspects of your figure you’d like to highlight.

  • A fitted jacket will is great if you like your waist and will show off the length of your legs. It’s practical for walking and very compatible with a professional look, but it’s not the warmest garment.
  • If you don’t like clothes that hug your body too much, a straight cut over the hips will work wonders for you.
  • If an oversized cut shows you off best, try the very on-trend masculine/feminine look. Our Prince of Wales frock coat will be your best friend over the coming months, structuring your figure and contrasting with something shorter or figure-hugging on the bottom.
  • The straight cut, embroidered safari parka is loose and easy to wear with any sweater you like, however thick.
  • If you don’t like beanie hats, you’ll love the tailored jacket with a hood. As you can take the hood off, you’ve really got two different jackets in one. It’ll be your must-have this winter, whether laid back or smart, with jeans for a casual look or tailored trousers for going to work.

women's jacket

Printed jacket ?

Now you’ve decided on the type of women’s jacket that suits you best, it’s time to look at the colour and the print.

  • A plain jacket will be easier to match with the rest of your wardrobe, so dark tailored jackets are best for a sensible, professional look, while wool or polar fleece jackets will take you through the coldest months of the year.
  • If you fancy a touch of craziness this winter, be adventurous and check out our prints. Intrepid explorers will love the leopard print. Wear it with pointed leather shoes and jeans and you’ll be rocking. But don’t worry, you can tame it with simple black trousers.
  • Jacquard camouflage will easily blend with your everyday looks from work to a night out, with a plain or not so plain outfit.
  • Little prints easily cheer up the cold season without being too complicated to match. Polka dots are very good too, but other patterns such as herringbone can also add a decorative touch without being too exuberant.

To get ready for winter, choose one or two jackets to help you cope with the changes in temperature and different occasions.

Printed jacket