What type of women's coat should you wear?

This winter, I.CODE has different coat styles to meet everyone’s tastes. Classic, casual, sportswear… there’s something for everyone. Let’s decode the I.CODE coats.

Oversized Coat

Egg-shaped, boyfriend-style coats can sometimes raise a few objections – “It doesn’t emphasise my figure,” “It hides my curves and makes my shoulders look bigger,” and so on. But this masculine-feminine look is exactly what we like! Oversized coats soften the over-classic look of winter coats. Worn with a little straight dress, they can give a relaxed look to an outfit that is already elegant enough.

How to make your egg-shaped coat look feminine

You will adore wrapping yourself up in this extra-large cloud! Just because it easily hides what you’re wearing, this doesn’t mean you should neglect your look. The idea is to feminise your look using ultra-chic details and accessories.

  • For a sophisticated look, try treggings, heeled Ippon Vintage® boots and a Poëme® handbag.
  • To stay cool and androgynous, your best friends will be a lovely white T-shirt, slim-fit jeans and Ippon Vintage® platform Derby shoes.

One thing is sure, whatever look you choose, THE golden rule for the boyfriend coat is never to add volume to the lower body, to keep your figure balanced. Provided you stick to that rule, your boyfriend coat will always look nonchalantly elegant!

Women parka

Straight Coat

The main feature of the straight coat is the set-in sleeve, which curves around the shoulder to structure the figure. The advantage of this cut is that it suits all body shapes! Try it and you’ll love it. This season, I.Code offers this cut in different colours and lengths.

Other types of women’s coats

To complete its collection and match this winter’s trends, the I.Code team has not stopped at these two styles. It also offers a wide range of   imitation shearling, short fake fur, bouclette coats, checked wool cloth trench coats and of course parkas!

A mix of authentic and casual items that are totally iconic!

Which coat will you fall in love with this winter?