Polo by IKKS Men

Some History

With its smart & casual style, the polo shirt has become the perfect piece of clothing for sunny week-ends. As indicated by its name, this piece of clothing was born on a polo field in India, more than 100 years ago. And it is thanks to the English that we can nowadays enjoy wearing them, since they are the ones who carried a polo shirt in their bagagges for the first time.

Although existing in different colours and with different creators’ details, the polo shirt has continued to be loyal to its original model.

IKKS MEN revisits this must have for men’s dressing on its own way.

Smart details…

With its short sleeves and its flat collar with 3 buttons, the IKKS MEN polo shirt keeps having its original model and incorporates new trendy details.

The IKKS MEN polo shirt claims for its sportswear & smart identity, timmed by a tone-in-tone, coat of arms-style badge.

To reinforce the “elaborated” style of the polo shirt, our fashion and graphic designers have carefully treated the details for the brand’s polo shirt. We can find a three-coloured braid, matching ribbed details, everyting with the IKKS signature.

… For a casual look

IKKS MEN goes back to the origins of the polo shirt and recreate it with a “sports” style for this season. Thanks to the 100% cotton composition, the fabric is a soft and nice-to-wear one. Renowned by its absorbent properties, the cotton used to create our IKKS MEN polo shirts turns to be a good friend for sunny days.

As it is an easy-to-combine piece of clothing, the polo shirt adapts to your wishes. With a formal jacket for a sportswear, smart style; with denim trousers for a casual style. And for a Beachwear style, combine it with tongs and bermuda shorts.

Without any doubt, the polo shirt is a must have which will never go out of Spring-Summer men’s fashion trends.