Look By: IKKS Kid Boy

Boy’s Union Jack tee shirt

A print and a washed-out flag come together on children's clothing to create British-style urban and quirky styles. The boy's Union Jack tee shirt is one of the star items in the Spring-Summer 2012 collection.

The IKKS Junior team explains why this top is essential in a boy’s wardrobe.

Punk & rock prints

The Union Jack tee shirt with flag and skull print is a must-have to give boys a smart and rebellious look.

Since the 1970s, the Union Jack has been a symbol of rock 'n' roll and punk. The emblem has been used by many British rock bands. Today it is taking over fashion, such as on this boy’s tee shirt with a neutral background.

The Union Jack print is enhanced with a skull print to accentuate the rebellious spirit of the item. Once again this season, this emblematic symbol of pirates continues to fascinate and suits smart or quirky outfits perfectly.

tee-shirt union jack

Chic & smart

For an offbeat preppy chic look, wear the tee shirt with slim, untreated jeans and a red waistcoat with anchor and skull embroideries. The perfect combination for an assertive look.

For a smarter look, the tee shirt is co-ordinated with a blazer. This jacket has a smart cut, but is easy to wear every day thanks to its material. Its removable badge recalls the look’s British spirit.

The result is a mischievous, but self-assured look!