Jacket or coat, leather or trench coat? How to choose a coat

Although the fine weather seems to have continued into a splendid Indian summer, and London has an air of North America about it, it will soon be time to get those winter jackets out. In the UK capital, you can spot the places where people are never surprised when it rains. They obviously plan their wardrobes well in advance. It’s up to you whether you can adapt your looks to just one jacket, or whether you will need a range of coats.

To rain or not to rain?

For a British or French winter, you really need two jackets – one for rainy days… and one for dry days. Be prepared for all kinds of weather and temperatures by adding a waterproof jacket and a pea jacket, or a trench coat and a chic army parka to your wardrobe.

Dandy, gentleman farmer or working class hero

Vary the lengths with a short jacket for a gentleman farmer look, or a longer wool coat to bring out your regal dandy side.

The top you choose will add a breath of fresh air to your outfit. Try a deliciously French look by slipping a men’s sailor sweatshirt under your sailor pea jacket. In the City, it’s considered good form to wear suit trousers and a waistcoat under a long trench coat. Or if Camden is your favourite district, go for a leather jacket and slim-fit jeans.

Urban versatility

You can also opt for a versatile coat such as the parka with its removable hood, suitable for any occasion and any weather. Remember that accessories are important. You can wear the same parka with a cheich scarf for a casual look, or with a hat for a city look.

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