Interview with Natacha Birds

To mark the launch of her book “Inspirations”, Natacha Birds has taken over one of our Paris stores for two afternoons to unveil her exhibition of photos. Her photographs have a poetical, delicate mood, blending in with the rock & chic clothes from the IKKS collection. A great chance for her fans to browse through the IKKS store, discover Natacha’s original graphic universe and get to meet her.

The IKKS team took the opportunity to interview the artist… Interview with Natacha Birds, renowned and passionate blogger, illustrator and web designer.

Can you tell us a little about yourself and your world?

[Natacha] I’m a graphic designer by trade, but very early on I decided to move into other areas: watercolour, film photography and video. This is how my world is constructed, a mix of different formats and media. I love dreams, cinematographic colours and subtitles, so I try to mix all this together. The best compliment you can give me is to say that one of my photos or videos looks like it came from a film

Where do you get your inspiration from?

[Natacha] From films and series, a lot. The colour purple is also a very strong source of inspiration. As soon as I see purple I feel inspired!

What relationship do you have with fashion? And how would you define your style?

[Natacha] I’m not crazy about fashion, I don’t run out and buy the latest items, I don’t follow the shows, I don’t always know all the designers and I don’t necessarily want to wear this year’s trends. I have items that I love, that I keep for years. To me, fashion is not about consuming and accumulating, quite the opposite. It’s about selecting and cherishing pieces for years. As for my style, I’m not entirely sure how I’d describe it… I like looks with a hint of retro! 

If you had to define the IKKS Women brand in a few words, what would you say?

[Natacha] Arty, slightly rebellious / slightly Bohemian, rock and chic, free!

Your definition of a “free spirit”?

[Natacha] A life that doesn’t follow a pattern! That’s what it means to me; being a free spirit means not following a pattern.

And finally, what are your favourite items from the IKKS Women’s collection this winter?

[Natacha] The black ranger boots with a strap and studs! That’s my real favourite, plus the mid-length wool coat with a coated collar in a cigar colour. It’s definitely very retro! And finally the felt and diamante mouth brooch, which is unusual and chic at the same time!

Discover the world of Natacha Birds here

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