A 100% Hogwarts Accio look! The Harry Potter collection is finally available!

Express train to Hogwarts! The Harry Potter collection for kids is now available online and in IKKS stores.  Revelio!

For rebellious witches: girls’ dresses and T-shirts to make the whole of Gryffindor pale with envy

Real fans know that without Hermione Granger, there would be no Harry Potter.  With the air of a perfect pupil, her head constantly buried in a book of spells, Miss Granger has proven a thousand times that her knowledge is definitely equal to her courage. With this Harry Potter collection, girls have everything they need to transform themselves into feisty, courageous witches. The sweatshirt dress embroidered in the colours of the four Hogwarts houses is perfect for the Sorting Hat ceremony, or just for a day at school. Two long-sleeved tops complete the selection: one in the colours of the Nimbus 2000 given to Harry by Professor McGonagall, the other with a motif evoking the flying keys that appear in the quest for the Philosopher’s Stone.

For mysterious avengers: Harry Potter clothes for playing Quidditch at break time

Discover the four collector pieces that your budding little wizards will set their hearts on.

  • Rule No. 1: wear your colours. This boys’ long-sleeved black and grey T-shirt features the Hogwarts badge, representing the emblems of the four houses and the school motto: “Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus”. Never tickle a sleeping dragon!
  • Rule No. 2: defend your school. The outline of the Hogwarts fortress can be seen on this T-shirt, plus the name of the school and its motto in gold lettering.
  • Rule No. 3: love your house. In this sweatshirt featuring the face of the most well-known member of Gryffindor, no one will need to ask which Quidditch team you support.
  • Rule No. 4: support your hero. This boys’ sweatshirt displaying the name of the greatest wizard of all time will make the Death Eaters in the playground quake in their boots. The zipped collar makes it easy for little ones to take on and off.

So, team Harry or team Draco? I think we can guess…